NEW Investment and Fully Portfolio
Management Platform.

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Are you a good trader? Why not Become a Portfolio manager?
Join GYMBase and become a Portfolio Manager. Portfolio Managers earn 5% of the profits from all of their customers. Join and become a cryptocurrency manager hero!

Empowering investors and managers with Automated Portfolio Management.

GYMBase Smart watchlists


Create as many as watch lists you need and create alerts and auto trades. It's never been easier to get into a cryptocurrency position at the right exact right moment.

Automated Portfolio management

Managed Portfolios

GYMBase will now allow you to create and manage portfolios for other users. Do you think you have what it takes? Create a portfolio and share it, You will earn 5 percent from all of your copiers portfolios.

GYMBase fund

GYMBase Fund

GYMBase funds are “Risk Level Based” funds where you invest depending on how much risk you are willing to accept to get a certain level of reward; the best thing about these funds are that they will be fully managed by professional fund managers.

Risk Based Funds

Automated Trading

GYMBase Smart Trading allows you to setup your trades based on price and our Artificial Intelligence tools or just simple stop limits.


Accept any cryptocurrency on our exchange. You are able to accept any coin with consistent volume and leverage our smart merchant AI to make sure you convert to USD thru the most profitable path.

Mobile Optimized

Both our Trading and Merchant tools are mobile optimized so that you can take us with you anywhere yo go!

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